32 - LifeBook Application Panel
Manual tab 
The Manual tab lets you automatically go to the Fujitsu Support website to download the system User’s 
Guide. (You must be connected to the Internet in order to use this function).
Diagnostic Program tab 
The Diagnostic Program tab allows you to automatically reboot the system, then open the boot menu, from 
which you can choose Diagnostic Program or Recovery and Utility (same as pressing the button when the 
system is shut down). From the Diagnostic tab you can also view your System Information.
Support tab 
The Support tab lets you automatically go to the Support Website. (You must be connected to the Internet 
in order to access the Support website).
Launching Applications with the Support Button
Your notebook is pre-installed with software utilities that let you operate and configure your LifeBook 
Application Panel. These utilities are found in the Start menu, under Settings > Control Panel > 
Application Panel (or “Buttons” in some configurations). The utility includes an Application Panel Setup 
Configuring your LifeBook Application Panel  
When you start Windows, the LifeBook Application Panel is automatically activated. As an application 
launcher, the LifeBook Application Panel is very flexible. To set up the Panel to best suit your needs, we 
have provided the Application Panel Setup utility that quickly and easily helps you make the most of this 
valuable feature.