LifeBook Application Panel

31 - LifeBook Application Panel
Figure 16.   LifeBook Application Panel 
LifeBook Application Panel
The application panel consists of a Support button that allows you to either launch the Fujitsu Support 
Center utility or to launch a user-defined application with the touch of a button when your system is on. 
Opening the Fujitsu Support Center with the Support Button
The Support button performs different actions when the system is off or when it is on.
When the system is off, pressing the Support button will open the Fujitsu Start Boot Menu which allows 
you to select either Diagnostic Program to test your system or Recovery and Utility to perform a number 
of other functions, including recovery of your system.
When the system is on, pressing the Support button invokes the Fujitsu Support Center utility which offers 
three tabs: Manual, Diagnostic Program, and Support.
Support Button