29 - Touchpad Pointing Device
Touchpad Control Adjustment
The Windows Control Panel allows you to customize your Touchpad with selections made from within 
the Mouse Properties dialog box. 
Dragging means pressing and holding the left button, 
while moving the cursor. To drag, move the cursor to 
the item you wish to move. Press and hold the left 
button while moving the item to its new location and 
then release it. Dragging can also be done using the 
Touchpad. First, tap the Touchpad twice over the item 
you wish to move making sure to leave your finger on 
the pad after the final tap. Next, move the object to its 
new location by moving your finger across the 
Touchpad, and then release your finger. 
Figure 14.  Dragging with button
Figure 15.  Dragging with Touchpad