Top Components

12 - Locating the Controls and Connectors
Top Components
The following is a brief description of your LifeBook notebook’s top components. 
Web Camera 
The 1.3 megapixel web camera allows you to take pictures of yourself to send over the internet. For 
information on using the microphone and web cam, see the documentation associated with the ArcSoft 
WebCam Companion application.
Display Panel Latch Button 
The display panel latch button is used to latch and unlatch the display. See “Opening the Display Panel” 
on page 36.
Digital Microphone 
The digital microphone is used in conjunction with the web camera. For information on using the 
microphone and web cam, see the documentation associated with the ArcSoft WebCam Companion 
Display Panel 
The display panel is a color LCD panel with back lighting for the display of text and graphics. 
Status Indicator Panel 
The Status Indicator Panel displays symbols that correspond with a specific component of your LifeBook 
notebook. See “Status Indicator Panel” on page 20.
Support Button 
The Support Button provides one-touch application launch capability. See “LifeBook Application Panel” 
on page 31.
Power/Suspend/Resume Button 
The Power/Suspend/Resume button allows you to suspend notebook activity without powering off, 
resume your LifeBook notebook from suspend mode, power off your notebook, and power on your 
notebook when it has been shut down from Windows. See “Power/Suspend/Resume Button” on page 45.