Disconnection Using the Icon in the Taskbar

145 - Before Using the Wireless LAN
Disconnection Using the Icon in the Taskbar
Note that disconnecting via the icon in the system tray does not turn off the radio; it continues to transmit 
and receive even though it’s not connected.
Right-click the WLAN icon in the taskbar at the bottom right of your screen.
Choose Disconnect from a network.
Activating the WLAN Device
Activation of the WLAN device can be accomplished using the same methods as the deactivation process
Using the Wireless On/Off Switch
In Windows, by right-clicking the WLAN icon then clicking “Connect to a network”
Deactivation using the 
Wireless LAN/Bluetooth 
On/Off Switch
The WLAN device can be 
deactivated quickly and efficiently 
by toggling the Wireless 
LAN/Bluetooth On/Off Switch to 
the Off position. The switch has no 
effect on non-Wireless LAN 
Wireless LAN/Bluetooth
On/Off Switch