Appendix A WLAN User s Guide

       Appendix A: WLAN User’s Guide
FCC Regulatory Information
Please note the following regulatory information related to the optional wireless LAN device.
Regulatory Notes and Statements
Wireless LAN, Health and Authorization for use  
Radio frequency electromagnetic energy is emitted from Wireless LAN devices. The energy levels of these emissions, however, 
are far much less than the electromagnetic energy emissions from wireless devices such as mobile phones. Wireless LAN 
devices are safe for use by consumers because they operate within the guidelines found in radio frequency safety standards and 
recommendations. The use of Wireless LAN devices may be restricted in some situations or environments, such as:
On board an airplane, or
In an explosive environment, or
In situations where the interference risk to other devices or services is perceived or identified as harmful.
In cases in which the policy regarding use of Wireless LAN devices in specific environments is not clear (e.g., airports, 
hospitals, chemical/oil/gas industrial plants, private buildings), obtain authorization to use these devices prior to operating the