Take the necessary plug adapters if you re traveling overseas Check the following diagram to

105 - Caring for your LifeBook Notebook
• Take the necessary plug adapters if you're traveling overseas. Check the following diagram to 
determine which plug adapter you'll need or ask your travel agent.
Caring for your Batteries 
• Always handle batteries carefully.
• Do not short-circuit the battery terminals (that is, do not touch both terminals with a metal object). 
Do not carry loose batteries in a pocket or purse where they may mix with coins, keys, or other 
metal objects. Doing so may cause an explosion or fire.
• Do not drop, puncture, disassemble, mutilate or incinerate the battery.
• Recharge batteries only as described in this manual and only in ventilated areas.
• Do not leave batteries in hot locations for more than a day or two. Intense heat can shorten the life 
of your battery.
• Do not leave a battery in storage for longer than 6 months without recharging it.
Outlet Type
Outlet Type
United States, Canada, parts of Latin America, 
Mexico, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan
United Kingdom, Ireland, 
Malaysia, Singapore, parts 
of Africa
Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent 
States (CIS), most of Europe, parts of Latin America, 
the Middle East, parts of Africa, Hong Kong, India, 
most of South Asia
China, Australia, New