Fujitsu LifeBook A1110 User Guide

Power your LifeBook notebook through the AC or optional auto airline adapter whenever possible

109 - Caring for your LifeBook Notebook
Increasing Battery Life 
• Power your LifeBook notebook through the AC or optional auto/airline adapter whenever possible.
• If your notebook is running on battery power all day, connect it to the AC adapter overnight.
• Keep brightness to the lowest level comfortable.
• Set the power management for maximum battery life.
• Put your notebook in Standby mode when it is turned on and you are not actually using it.
• Limit your media drive access.
• Disable the Media Player auto insert notification function.
• Always use fully charged batteries.
• Eject ExpressCards when not in use.
Media Care
Caring for your Media (DVD/CD/CD-R) 
Media discs are precision devices and will function reliably if given reasonable care.
• Always store your media disc in its case when it is not in use.
• Always handle discs by the edges and avoid touching the surface.
• Avoid storing any media discs in extreme temperatures.
• Do not bend media discs or set heavy objects on them.
• Do not spill liquids on media discs.
• Do not scratch media discs.
• If a media disc is subjected to a sudden change in temperature, cold to warm condensation may form 
on the surface. Wipe the moisture off with a clean, soft, lint free cloth and let it dry at room 
temperature. DO NOT use a hair dryer or heater to dry media discs.
• Do not get dust on media discs.