Printing Secure Print and, Sample Print Jobs

Useful Operations
Printing Secure Print and 
Sample Print Jobs
When the Printer HDD Kit has been installed, you can use the Secure Print and Sample Print 
As the Printer HDD Kit may break down, important data saved in the Hard Disk should be saved in some other 
place for safe keeping.
Before specifying Secure Print and Sample Print features, select Hard Disk on the Printer tab of the printer 
Secure Print
You can attach a password to a piece of data on the computer, send it to the printer for storing, 
and then print out the data later using the control panel. This feature is known as Secure Print. 
You can also send data to the printer without a password. This feature is useful for storing 
frequently-used data in the printer, and then using only the printer and not the computer to 
print it out.
Sample Print
When printing multiple copies, you can print out only the first set to check the printing result 
first before printing the remaining copies from the printer control panel. This feature is known 
as Sample Print.