Consumable, Location of Warning and Caution Labels

Safety Notes
Before Usi
g the Mac
Store all consumables in accordance with the instructions given on its package 
or container.
Use a broom or a wet cloth to wipe off spilled toner. Never use a vacuum 
cleaner for the spills. It may catch fire by electric sparks inside the vacuum 
cleaner and cause explosion. If you spill a large volume of toner, contact your 
local Fuji Xerox representative.
Never throw a toner cartridge into an open flame. Remaining toner in the 
cartridge may catch fire and cause burn injuries or explosion.
If you have a used toner cartridge no longer needed, contact your local Fuji 
Xerox representative for its disposal.
Never throw a waste toner container into an open flame. Toner may catch fire 
and cause burn injuries or explosion.
If you have a used waste toner container no longer needed, contact your local 
Fuji Xerox representative for its disposal.
Keep the drum cartridges and toner cartridges out of the reach of children. If a 
child accidentally swallows toner, spit it out, rinse mouth with water, drink water 
and consult a physician immediately.
When replacing the drum cartridges and toner cartridges, be careful not to spill 
the toner. In case of any toner spills, avoid contact with clothes, skin, eyes and 
mouth as well as inhalation.
If toner spills onto your skin or clothing, wash it off with soap and water.
If you get toner particles in your eyes, wash it out with plenty of water for at 
least 15 minutes until irritation is gone. Consult a physician if necessary.
If you inhale toner particles, move to a fresh air location and rinse your mouth 
with water.
If you swallow toner, spit it out, rinse your mouth with water, drink plenty of 
water and consult a physician immediately. 
Location of Warning and Caution Labels
Always follow all warning instructions marked on or supplied with this product.
To avoid the risk of burn injuries and electric shock, never touch the area with 
the "High Temperature" or "High Voltage" marks on.