Fuji Xerox DocuCentre C5540 I Quick Reference Guide

DocuCentre C5540 I

1 Press the <All Services> button.
2 Select [Copy].
3 Select the features to set from each tab as necessary.
4 Enter the number of copies using the numeric keypad.    
  The number of copies entered appears on the upper    
  right of the touch screen.
5 Press the <Start> button.
Scan to Email
1 Press the <All Services> button.
2 Select [Email].
3 Select [Address Book]
4 Select Remote Search]
5 Select [Enter/Change Keyword]
6 Enter the name of the person you wish to scan to: eg: 
John Brown and Press [Save]
7 Select [Select Now] to look up the correct email address
8 Select the email address 
9 Select [Close]
10 Press the <Start> button.
Job Status
1 Press the <Job Status> button.
2 Check the job status.
3 Choose [Current and Pending Jobs] or [Completed 
Jobs] tab. 
Note: Select [5] button to display the previous screen 
and select [6­­­­­­] button to display the next screen.
<Start> Button
<All Services> Button
<Job Status> Button
DocuCentre C5540 I 
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