Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

The Status Monitor

Chapter 6
The Status Monitor
In many ways, the Status Monitor acts as a remote control panel for the
printer.  It provides many of the printer functions traditionally associated
with the printer’s physical control panel.  Below is a description of some
of its functions.
Gives the user real-time information on what the printer is
Provides printer control functions (e.g. Pause, Reset).
Provides intelligent warning of conditions which would
prevent the sent data from printing.  You can control when
and how the warnings are issued.
Provides context-sensitive help for printer problems.
Ability to quickly switch between multiple printers and
monitor each of their status.
Different levels of status for Xerox DocuPrint P12 printer provided by the
Status Monitor.
If the port is FILE, non-Novell NET port, COMx or
UNKNOWN, Status Monitor provides the connection
information only.
If the port is a parallel port and bi-directional status is
available, Status Monitor provides PJL-based rich status,
using PJL state and job information.
If the port is a parallel port and bi-directional status is not
available, Status Monitor provides limited status based on
parallel port state.  (Ready, Off-line, Error, Paper Out or
If the port is a NetWare network port, Status Monitor
provides status based on SNMP and NetWare information.