Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

Safety Notes

Safety Notes
Safety Notes
The Xerox DocuPrint P12 and its supplies are designed and tested to meet strict safety
requirements.  This chapter contains information to ensure the continued safe operation of your
Xerox DocuPrint P12.
Laser Safety
The Xerox DocuPrint P12 complies with safety standards, and is certified as a Class 1 Laser
product under the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Radiation Performance
Standard according to the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968.  The printer does
not emit hazardous laser radiation.
The use of controls, adjustments, or procedures other than those specified in
the documentation might result in hazardous exposure to laser light.
Since radiation emitted inside the printer is completely confined within the protective housings and
external covers, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any phase of user
The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the US Food and Drug Administration
implemented regulations for laser products of August 1, 1976.  These regulations apply to laser
products marketed in the United States.  The label on the machine indicates compliance with the
CDRH regulations and must be attached to laser products marketed in the United States.
The Xerox DocuPrint P12 contains laser danger labels.  These labels are intended for use by
Xerox Service Representatives, and are placed on or near panels or shields that require special
tools for removal.  Do not remove any of these panels.  There are no operator serviceable areas
inside these covers.
Ozone Safety
During normal operation, the Xerox DocuPrint P12 produces ozone.  The ozone produced does
not present a hazard to the operator.  However, it is advisable that the machine be operated in a
well ventilated area.
If you need additional information about ozone, please request the Xerox publication Ozone (part
number 600E74140) by calling 1-800-828-6571 in the United States and Canada.