Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

3 1 5, Storing print media

Print Media
Envelopes that:
have been fed into the printer before
composed with glues, inks and adhesive that could
discolor, scorch, or melt when heat is applied
have seams discontinuous and uneven glue line
have thick or uneven edges
have clasps, strings, snaps, cellophane windows, peel-off
adhesive strips
are heavily textured, coated or embossed
are cotton paper composed of more than 25% of recycled
Storing print media
For optimum print quality and printer performance, store print media
according to the following guidelines:
Store print media on a flat, stable surface so that it does not curl or
Wrap unused print media tightly.
Do not unwrap print media until you are ready to use it.
Do not expose print media to direct sunlight or high humidity.