Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

Testing the Printer

28  •  Chapter 2
Testing the Printer
Switching on the printer
Press the power switch to the [I] position to turn on the printer.
When the Online LED is on, the printer is ready to print.
If an error occurs, check that:
• the top cover is properly closed;
• the Laser Printer cartridge is properly installed;

2-1-1  Installing the Laser Printer cartridge
• there is no paper inside the printer.
Test printing
After installation, you may want to run a simple test on your printer by
printing out documents.  Xerox DocuPrint P12 provides three ways for
you to test the printer.  Before you print, remember to load paper into
the paper cassette.

3-2-1  Using the paper cassettes
Prints settings page via the control panel
When the Online LED is on, hold down the control panel button for
10 seconds, the printer will print a settings page showing the
printer’s parameters.  If the network interface card (one of the
hardware options) is installed, settings page for the Network will
also be printed.