Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

Installing Printer Software

Setting Up
Installing Printer Software
To send print jobs from your PC or workstation to your printer, you have
to install the right printer driver on your system.  Look for the relevant
section below for instructions on the installation of the Printer Driver.
For Windows 3.1x, refer to 2-2-1  Installing software in Windows
3.1x (Floppy Disk) and 2-2-2  Installing software in Windows
3.1x (CD-ROM).
For Windows 95, refer to 2-2-3  Installing software in Windows
95 (Floppy Disk) and 2-2-4  Installing software in Windows 95
For DOS-only environment, refer to 2-2-5  Installing software in
DOS environment.
Finish the physical setup before proceeding with this section.
Installing software in Windows 3.1x (Floppy Disk)
In the Main group, double click on File Manager.  Then insert
the Windows 3.1x Setup Disk.