Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

DOS Status Monitor

DOS Utilities
DOS Status Monitor
The DOS Status Monitor is a memory-resident (TSR) program that can
pop up in DOS programs giving you real-time feedback on Xerox
DocuPrint P12 status as well as enabling you to pause/continue printing,
reset the printer, or eject a page.  The amount of status information
displayed depends on whether the bi-directional communication with the
printer is enabled.
Using the Status Monitor
To load the DOS Status Monitor, type XC12SM and press Enter at the
DOS prompt.  The DOS Status Monitor is invoked by pressing a hot-key
combination.  The default is Ctrl-Alt-S.  You can see the name of the
printer, the printer port it is connected to, and its current status on the
upper portion of this status monitor.

7-1-6  Change Status Monitor settings menu
Below the printer status information area, the printer control options are
indicated.  To access an option, type its letter as indicated on the
P - Pause Printing
Pressing P during printing will stop further printing after the current
page has been printed.  If no print data is received by the printer
when you press P, the printer goes off-line until C is pressed.  This
option will not be displayed on the DOS Status Monitor if no bi-
directional connection exists.
C - Continue Printing
When printing is paused, or when the printer is waiting for some
action from you, pressing C resumes the print job.  This option will
not be displayed on the DOS Status Monitor if no bi-directional
connection exists.