Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

DOS Control Panel

Chapter 7
DOS Control Panel
To run the DOS Control Panel utility, type XC12CP at the DOS prompt
C:\ and press the Enter key. The DOS control panel allows you to:
Change printer and PCL settings
Monitor printer status
Print settings pages
Control the behavior of the DOS status monitor TSR
Main menu
When the utility is first opened, the Main menu screen is displayed.
From this main menu, you can access the following sub-menus by
simply using the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the sub-menu
you want and pressing Enter to confirm the selection.
Control printing (pause, reset, eject a page)
Change printer settings
Change LaserJet IIP emulation settings
Print sample pages
Change Status Monitor settings
Change printer port
At the bottom of this main menu and all other sub-menus, both the
printer name and printer status will be shown.
To exit this program, select Exit to DOS to return to the DOS prompt.