Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P12 User Guide

Alerts tab

Chapter 6
Alerts tab
In this tab, you can control how the Status Monitor will alert you to
changes in printer and job status.
Alert Me When...
You can select when you want the Status Monitor to alert you. The
options are My job starts to print, My job is printing, My job is
finished and There is a problem printing.  The default is There is
a problem printing.
Visual Alerts
You can determine the type of visual alerts to be issued.  The
options are Pop up on Alerts, Always stay on top and Never pop
up on alerts.  The default is Pop up on alerts.
Pop up on alerts
This option enables the Mini-window view or the icon view
to pop up over other Windows programs.  You can see the
text message reporting the alert condition.
Always stay on top
This option enables the Mini-window view or the icon view
of the Status Monitor to remain visible at all time, whether
or not there is an alert.  Of course, if a printing condition
occurs to alert you, the Mini-window or icon will report it.