Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C1190 FS User Guide

Address Book Editor, Express Scan Manager, SimpleMonitor Software, DocuWorks

Address Book Editor
Address Book Editor
The Address Book Editor provides a convenient interface for modifying the printer’s address book entries. 
With it you can create:
Fax entries
Email entries
Server entries
When you start the software, if the printer is connected via USB, the Address Book Editor reads the 
printer’s address book. You can create, edit, and delete entries. After making changes, you can then save 
the updated address book to the printer or to your computer. 
The Address Book Editor can be installed from the Software Pack CD-ROM. It is available for Windows 
and Macintosh.
Express Scan Manager
The Express Scan Manager handles scan jobs sent from the printer to your computer via USB. When the 
scan is sent from the printer to the computer, Express Scan Manager automatically manages the scan job.
Before scanning to your computer, start Express Scan Manager and configure the scan settings. You can 
specify settings for image type, resolution, paper size, and output destination.
The Express Scan Manager can be installed from the Software Pack CD-ROM. It is available for Windows 
and Macintosh.
See also: 
on page 7-1
SimpleMonitor Software
SimpleMonitor automatically checks the printer status when you send a print job. If the printer is unable to 
print your job, SimpleMonitor automatically displays an alert on your computer screen to let you know that 
the printer needs attention.
SimpleMonitor can be installed from the Software Pack CD-ROM. It is available only for Windows.
When installing DocuWorks, execute “setup.exe” under the following folders in the respective Software 
Pack CD-ROM:
English version: \DW\ENG
Korean version: \DW\KOR
Simplified Chinese version: \DW\SC
Traditional Chinese version: \DW\TC
Windows supports DocuWorks and DocuWorks Viewer Light.
DocuWorks is available only for Windows.