Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C1190 FS User Guide

Printer Auditron

Printer Auditron
Printer Auditron
The printer provides Authentication and Auditron Administration features. The Authentication feature 
controls access to the printer's other features. Whereas the Auditron Administration feature manages the 
use of each feature of the printer.
This section briefly explains the Authentication and Auditron Administration features and the settings 
required for both features. The information in this section is intended for system administrators.
This section includes:
Overview of the Authentication and Auditron Administration Features 
on page 11-25
Configuring the Authentication and Auditron Administration Features 
on page 11-26
Registering Login Information on the Printer 
on page 11-26
Registering the Login Information on the Print Driver (Computer) 
on page 11-29
Overview of the Authentication and Auditron Administration 
Enabling the Authentication and Auditron Administration features allows you to limit user access to the 
printer and manage and count the number of sheets printed by each user.
Printing from Computers
Depending on your type of print job, the use of the following features is restricted.
Auditron Administration Feature
The Meter Report lists the number of monochrome and color pages/sheets printed to date by each user.
• The meter counts listed on this report begin from the time when the Authentication and Auditron 
Administration features were enabled.
• Disabling the Authentication and Auditron Administration features initializes the meter counts.
Job Type
Restricted Features
Printing using a print driver
You must set the login information such as your user ID and 
password on your print driver. Only jobs with login information 
that matches the information registered on the printer can be 
When you are prohibited to print in color, you can print only in 
When you are permitted to print only a certain number of 
pages, you are not allowed to print if the number has reached 
the maximum.
Printing without using a print driver
You are allowed to print only when the [Non-account Print] 
setting on CentreWare Internet Services is set to [Enabled]. 
This setting is disabled by default.