Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C1190 FS User Guide

Operational Safety

Safety Notes
When the product is left in a chilly room and the room is rapidly warmed up by heater, dew 
condensation may form inside the product and cause a partial deletion on printing.
Operational Safety
The operator's product maintenance procedures are described in the customer documentation 
supplied with this product. Do not carry out any other maintenance procedures not described in the 
This product features safety design not to allow operators access to hazard areas. The hazard areas 
are isolated from operators by covers or protectors which require a tool to remove. To prevent electric 
shock and injuries, never remove those covers and protectors.
To avoid the risk of electric shock and a fire accident, switch off and unplug the product promptly in 
the following conditions, then contact your local Fuji Xerox representative.
• The product emits smoke or its surface is unusually hot.
• The product emits unusual noise or odor.
• The power cord is cracked or worn down.
• A circuit breaker, fuse or any other safety device is activated.
• Any liquid is spilled into the product.
• The product is soaked in water.
• Any part of the product is damaged.
Do not insert any object into slots or openings of this product.
Do not place any of the followings on the product:
• Liquid container such as flower vases or coffee cups
• Metal parts such as staples or clips
• Heavy object
If liquid is spilled over or metal parts are slipped into the product, it may cause electric shock or a 
fire accident.
Do not use conductive paper such as origami paper, carbonic paper or conductively-coated paper. 
When paper jam occurs, it may cause short-circuit and eventually a fire accident.
When cleaning this product, use the designated cleaning materials exclusive to it. Other cleaning 
materials may result in poor performance of the product. 
Never use aerosol cleaners, or it may catch fire and cause explosion.
Never play the CD-ROM supplied with the product on an audio player. Always use a CD-ROM 
player. Otherwise, large sound may damage audio players or your ears.