Types of Manuals

Types of Manuals
Types of Manuals
Safety Guide
Describes the information you need to know before using the printer and to 
operate the printer safely.
Setup Guide
Provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your printer.
Features Setup Guide
Describes the steps on how to enable the scan and fax features on your 
DocuPrint C1190 FS.
Quick Reference Guide
Provides information such as how to get ready to print, basic operating 
instructions (printing/copying/scanning/faxing), and troubleshooting tips. 
Refer to the ‘User Guide’ for more details and information not covered in this 
User Guide (PDF)
(this guide)
Describes how to get ready to print and set various features. It also covers the 
printer console menus, troubleshooting tips, and maintenance information.
This guide is on the Software Pack CD-ROM.