Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 240A, DocuPrint 340A HP-GL,HP-GL/2 Emulation Setting Guide

Default Settings

1.2 Default Settings
Default Settings
You can print in the following ways with the HP-GL and HP-GL/2 emulation modes set to 
the default settings. The document data is enlarged or reduced (auto layout) to match the 
size of the paper being used.
Document Size: Auto, Coord. Rotation: 0, Zoom Mode: Output Size, 
Zoom: On
• If necessary, you may change the default settings. See “2 HP-GL Mode Settings” (P. 13) for information 
on changing settings.
Limits During Auto Layout Mapping 
When the Hard Disk (Optional) Is Installed in the Printer
Print data is stored to the hard disk when Auto Layout is executed.
When the Hard Disk (Optional) Is not Installed in the Printer
Print data is stored to the Auto Layout memory when [auto layout function] is executed. The 
initial capacity of the Auto Layout memory is 64 KB. Therefore, this printer cannot correctly 
output auto layout if the print data received by the auto layout memory exceeds 64 KB. In 
this case, change the size of the Auto Layout memory from the printer control panel. The 
upper limit of the Auto Layout memory is 5,120 KB. The auto layout memory cannot accept 
data larger than 5,120 KB.
We recommend installing the hard disk (optional) to this printer if you are going to use the 
auto layout function.
Document size
Output size
Printable area