Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 240A, DocuPrint 340A HP-GL,HP-GL/2 Emulation Setting Guide

Types of Manuals

 Types of Manuals
Types of Manuals
Manuals Bundled With the Machine & Their Contents
Manuals Bundled With Optional Accessories
• Adobe
 Reader needs to be installed to display PDF files.
Setup and Quick Reference Guide Explains how to install this printer, load paper, and troubleshoot of 
this printer.
The Online Help for the 
CentreWare Internet Services
Explains how to set the items and features of CentreWare Internet 
The Online Help for the printer 
Explains how to set the items and features of the printer driver.
User Guide (PDF)
Explains printer settings, and describes control panel menu items 
and daily care in detail.
This PDF file is included in the CD-ROM bundled with this printer.
Network Print Environment User 
Guide (PDF)
Explains how to set the printer for the network environment to use 
this printer as a network printer.
This PDF file is included in the CD-ROM bundled with this printer.
HP-GL, HP-GL/2 Emulation 
Settings Guide (PDF)
Explains how to set the emulation mode for HP-GL and HP-GL/2.
This PDF file is included in the CD-ROM bundled with this printer.
User Guide (PostScript
Kit) (PDF)
Explains how to set the printer as a PostScript printer and the items 
that can be set in the printer driver.
This PDF file is included in the CD-ROM bundled with the 
PostScript software kit.
Installation Guide 
Explains how to install each optional accessory.