Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 240A, DocuPrint 340A HP-GL,HP-GL/2 Emulation Setting Guide

Materials Related to HP GL Mode

3.1 Hard Clip Area
Materials Related to HP-GL Mode
Hard Clip Area
In the HP-GL mode, the plottable area is determined (separately from the printable area) 
depending on the paper size. This area is called a hard clip area. It determines the 
maximum range of pen movement. Accordingly, images cannot be drawn exceeding the 
bounds of the hard clip area. This printer allows you to select a hard clip area from the 
• Normal
Defines the printable area of this machine as the hard clip area.
• Output Size
Defines the output size equivalent as the hard clip area. Actually, images can be printed 
only within the printable area.
The hard clip area can be specified by making the HP-GL emulation mode setting or using 
the hard clip specification command [&I].
The following coordinate values are set when the origin is set at the lower left of the A3-size 
paper (Auto Layout is specified for HP-GL/2).
(16798, 11876)
(16442, 11520)
(0, 0) Output size origin
(0, 0) Normal origin
Output size
Output size hard clip area
Normal hard clip area