Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 240A, DocuPrint 340A HP-GL,HP-GL/2 Emulation Setting Guide

About Fonts

1 Using Emulation
Paper Margin
The default output size is set to [A Size]. If the print data exceeds the effective coordinate 
area at all, it will be printed on the next larger size (for example, the next paper larger than 
A5 is A4). When paper margin is set, the area set for the paper margin rather than the area 
recognized by [Area Determine] sets the effective coordinate area. Do these settings if 
printing is done on a paper size larger than the size you want. Setting range is from 0 to 99 
mm. The default value is 0 mm.
Refer to
• “2 HP-GL Mode Settings” (P. 13)
About Fonts
This section explains about the fonts that can be used in the HP-GL emulation mode.
Usable Fonts
The following fonts can be used in HP-GL emulation.
• Stroke font
Font Cache
To ensure high-speed printing, outline fonts are cached if they are not too large.
Outline fonts are converted to bit map data temporarily and then printed. To minimize this 
processing time, the processed bit map data is saved in the memory. 
This process is called font cashing.
The saved bit map data is erased at power-off or system reset.