Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV 2060, DocuCentre-IV 3060, DocuCentre-IV 3065 Administrator Guide

Preset Buttons, Copy Defaults

5 Tools
Preset Buttons
 Paper Supply - Button 2 - 5
Select the paper tray displayed in the second to fifth buttons in [Paper Supply] on the [Copy] 
 Reduce/Enlarge - Button 3 - 4
Select the magnification ratio displayed in the third to fourth buttons in [Reduce/Enlarge] on 
the [Copy] screen.
Select the ratio from the Reduce/Enlarge Preset buttons registered.
Front Cover Tray - Button 1 - 3
Set the default value of the tray displayed in [Paper Supply] when an option that printed on 
Front Cover is selected for [Front Cover] under [Output Format] > [Covers].
Back Cover Tray - Button 1 - 3
Set the default value of the tray displayed in [Paper Supply] when an option that printed on 
Back Cover is selected for [Front Cover] under [Output Format] > [Covers].
Transparency Tray - Button 1 - 3
Set the default value of the transparency tray displayed in [Transparency Options] on the 
[Output Format] screen.
Separator & Handout Tray - Button 1 - 3
Set the default value of the separator & handout tray displayed in [Transparency Options] on 
the [Output Format] screen.
Copy Defaults
You can set the default settings of the Copy feature. When the machine is turned on, 
or the machine exits the Energy Saver mode, or when the <Clear All> button is 
pressed, the machine resets to the default values set here. Setting frequently used 
features and values as the defaults can avoid extra operations required during the use 
of the machine.
For more information on each setting item, refer to "3 Copy" in the User Guide.
Paper Supply
Set the default value for [Paper Supply] in the [Copy] screen.
When the default value of [Reduce/Enlarge] is set to [Auto %], [Auto Select] cannot be 
selected for [Paper Supply].
Set the default value for [Reduce/Enlarge] in the [Copy] screen.
Select the ratio from [100%], [Auto %], and the buttons registered as Reduce/Enlarge Preset 
When the default value of [Paper Supply] is set to [Auto Select], [Auto %] cannot be selected 
for [Reduce/Enlarge].
For information on Reduce/Enlarge Preset buttons, refer to "Reduce/Enlarge Presets" (P.144).
Original Type
Set the default value for [Original Type] on the [Image Quality] screen.