Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV 2060, DocuCentre-IV 3060, DocuCentre-IV 3065 Administrator Guide


5 Tools
Important • When you select [High Quality], and [Corner Shift] is selected in [Image Shift] with a ratio of 
60% or less is specified in [Reduce/Enlarge], a part of the image may not be printed or blank 
paper may be output.
Background Suppression (Scan Jobs)
Set the method of background suppression to be used for scan operations.
Set how the machine detects density and deletes the background color.
Select [High Speed] to sample a section of the document and detect the background color.
Select [High Quality] to conduct a pre-scan, and sample the whole document to detect the 
background color.
Image Enhancement
Allows you to select whether to carry out image enhancement. If you select [On], the machine 
gives the image a smoother appearance when printed.
You can configure settings related to printing reports.
Print Reports Button
Set the display method of [Print Reports] under the [Machine Information] screen and [Error 
History Report] under the [Faults] screen displayed by pressing the <Machine Status> button.
If you select [Disabled], the [Print Reports] button under [Machine Status] > [Machine 
Information] and the [Error History Report] button under [Faults] are displayed only in the 
System Administration mode.
For information on Print Reports, refer to "Print Reports" (P.80). 
For information on Error History Reports, refer to "Faults" (P.92).
Job History Report
Select whether or not to automatically print a Job History Report when a total of 50 jobs have 
been processed. All jobs are automatically listed on the printed report.
For information on how to print a Job History Report manually, refer to "Print Reports" (P.80).
Activity Report
Select whether or not to automatically print an Activity Report when a total of 100 
communication results have been accumulated.
For information on an Activity Report, refer to "Activity Report" (P.604).
For information on how to print an Activity Report manually, refer to "Job Status/Activity Report" 
Transmission Report - Job Undelivered
Select whether or not to automatically print a Transmission Report - Job Undelivered.
Transmission Report - Job Deleted
Select whether or not to automatically print a Transmission Report - Job Deleted for a 
cancelled document.
Folder Report
Select whether or not to automatically print a Folder Report.
Broadcast/Multi-Poll Report
Select whether or not to automatically print a Broadcast Report and a Multi-Poll Report.