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Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the E mail Internet Fax Feature

16 Appendix
When you register an address on the Address Book, select an address type in 
accordance with the service. The address book entry registered with the wrong address 
type cannot be selected from the original service.
 Activity Report
The number of a smart card cannot be displayed.
When you use an older type smart card (a smart card compatible with IC Card 
Reader for FeliCa/IC Card Reader Pro 1.0), the number of the smart card may be 
Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the E-mail/Internet Fax Feature
Notes on E-mail Transmissions
"The job has been sent." that is displayed on the confirmation screen, Activity Report, 
or Confirmation Options indicates that an e-mail has been sent to the SMTP server 
configured on the machine for transmitting e-mail. The e-mail, however, may not reach 
its destination for some problem on the transmission path of the Internet. In this case, 
the machine is not notified of such transmission error. After sending an important e-
mail, we recommend that you confirm its reception, such as by calling the recipient.
Feature Combinations when Transmitting an Internet Fax
[Resolution] on the [Fax/Internet Fax] screen
When [TIFF-S] is selected for [Internet Fax Profile] on the [Fax/Internet Fax Options] 
screen, [Superfine (400 dpi)] or [Superfine (600 dpi)] cannot be selected.
For information on Internet fax profiles, refer to "4 Fax" > "Fax/Internet Fax Options" > "Internet Fax 
Profile (Specifying Internet Fax Profiles)" in the User Guide.
[Starting Rate] on the [Fax/Internet Fax Options] screen
The communication mode can be specified only when sending e-mail using the Fax 
Gateway feature. For other cases, e-mail is sent via G3 Auto.
For more information on the Fax Gateway feature, refer to "4 Fax" > "About Internet Fax" > "Useful 
Features" > "Sending Internet Fax to regular fax machines via a relay station" in the User Guide.
[Original Size] on the [Layout Adjustment] screen
When [TIFF-S] is selected for [Internet Fax Profile] on the [Fax/Internet Fax Options] 
screen, an Internet fax is sent in A4 even if a size larger than A4 is specified.
For information on Internet fax profiles, refer to "4 Fax" > "Fax/Internet Fax Options" > "Internet Fax 
Profile (Specifying Internet Fax Profiles)" in the User Guide.
Internet Fax and Direct Internet Fax
You can switch between the Internet Fax and Internet Fax Direct features in the 
System Administration mode, however, you cannot use both features 
simultaneously. For switching between the features, contact your System 
Both the Internet Fax and E-mail services can be used at the same time. The Internet 
Fax Direct and E-mail services can also be used simultaneously.
The following recipient machines (models with the Fax feature) can establish a peer-
to-peer communication with the machine for the Internet Fax Direct feature:
- ApeosPort-IV C7780/C6680/C5580
- DocuCentre-IV C7780/C6680/C5580
- DocuCentre-IV C2260