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Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the Scan Features

16 Appendix
PDF Bridge, which is provided by Fuji Xerox, of the machine supports the features 
of PDF 1.6 such as transparent object.
Set the PostScript Memory to its maximum value (128MB) to print PDF files properly.
Using External Access Kit and Image Extension Kit Simultaneously
When the External Access Kit and the Image Extension Kit are installed in the machine, 
PostScript memory size may not be able to increase to the maximum (96 MB).
To install "ThinPrint.print" to Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008, a ".print 
Application Server Engine" licence is required.
ThinPrint can operate in an IPv4 environment, but not in an IPv6 environment.
Up to three can be connected simultaneously. The fourth or above connection 
requests are stored in the queue. Up to 10 connection requests can be stored in the 
queue. If exceeding 10, another connection request is no longer received. After 
preceding connections are terminated, the connection requests in the queue will be 
processed subsequently when the total number of the connections becomes less 
than four.
Functions to control jobs, such as canceling or suspending jobs, are not provided. 
Instead, you can cancel a job on the [Job Status] screen from the control panel, or 
from CentreWare Internet Services.
The machine prints jobs in the order in which they are spooled. The jobs may not be 
printed in the order in which the job requests are received by the machine.
If the power is switched off, this feature can store the order of jobs spooled and their 
data. If the power switched off while a job is being received, the job is deleted.
Paper Orientation when Printing Mixed Size Originals
The combinations available for printing mixed size originals from the print driver are 
the followings: A4 and A3, B5 and B4, 8.5 x 11" (Letter) and 11 x
 (Tabloid), 1
and 8K. 
The document orientation (portrait or landscape) may not be determined correctly 
depending on the application being used. In this case, the output may have a 
different orientation from the document orientation, depending on the combination of 
the mixed size originals.
The output may have a different orientation from the original orienta
ion when a 
document stored in a folder is printed.
Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the Scan Features
This section describes notes and restrictions to observe when using the Scan features.
For the notes and restrictions on Network Scan Driver and Stored File Manager 3, refer to the Readme 
contained in the Driver CD Kit.
Retrieving Files from Folder
When [Delete Files After Retrieval] is set to [No], the same file can be accessed by 
multiple clients.
When [Delete Files After Retrieval] is set to [Yes], only one client can access any 
given file. The file that is being imported by a client cannot be seen by other clients.
When files are retrieved from CentreWare Internet Services, the files are not deleted 
regardless of the setting of [Delete Files After Retrieval].