Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV C5580, ApeosPort-IV C6680, ApeosPort-IV C7780, DocuCentre-IV C5580, DocuCentre-IV C6680, DocuCentre-IV C7780 Administrator Guide

Notes and Restrictions

Notes and Restrictions
Notes and Restrictions
This section describes the notes and restrictions to observe when using the machine.
Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the Machine
To use the machine as a PostScript printer, the Adobe PostScript 3 Kit (optional) is 
Installing and Moving the Machine
When moving the machine to another location, contact our Customer Support 
When the machine is operating, do not subject it to shock.
When closing the document cover, be careful not to pinch your fingers.
Do not place any objects near the ventilation openings of the machine's exhaust fan.
Memory Expansion
Commercially available memory cannot be used for the machine. Be sure to use the 
optional extension memory we provide, or we cannot guarantee proper operation of the 
machine if a problem occurs. Our service representative installs the optional 
Character Code
In data transmission from a computer or read processing of data in a medium such as 
a USB memory device, if characters that the machine does not support are included in 
folder and file names, these characters may not be displayed correctly. 
When the Media Print - Photos service is used, only ASCII characters can be used.
Output Destination
When you change the finisher to install, reconfigure the output destination under 
[Tools] > [Copy Service Settings] > [Copy Defaults] > [Output Destination].
You can also change the output destination for Print E-mail, Private Folder Printed 
Files, and Fax Received as required.
Compatibility of Machines
ApeosPort series models are incompatible with DocuCentre series models. Once you 
purchased one of the series models, you cannot upgrade or downgrade to the other 
series model afterward.
Restrictions on Method of Recipient Specification
The [New Recipients] and [Redial List] buttons may not be displayed when you 
specify a recipient for fax/Internet fax/e-mail transmission if the method of recipient 
specification is restricted in the System Administration mode. In this case, you 
cannot use the numeric keypad either. Consequently, the recipients you can specify 
are limited to those who are registered on the Address Book.
You must add an address book entry using CentreWare Internet Services, Device 
Setup Tool (free software). The system administrator, however, can register new 
recipients from the control panel of the machine even when the method of recipient 
specification is limited.