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Stored Programming, Create Job Flow Sheet

Link Job Flow Sheet to Folder
You can link a job flow sheet to a folder. Linking a job flow in which a series of actions is 
recorded to a folder enables you to set the processing method for files stored in a folder.
For information on how to register a job flow, refer to "Create Job Flow Sheet" (P.257).
Cut Link
Cancels the link between a folder and a linked job flow sheet.
Create/Change Link
A screen to link a job flow sheet appears. You can select the existing job flow sheets or create 
a new job flow sheet.
For more information about the operation, refer to "Create Job Flow Sheet" (P.257).
Auto Start
If you select the [Auto Start] check box, when a file is stored in a folder, the procedures 
registered on the job flow linked automatically starts.
When the [Delete Folder] Button is Selected
Selecting this button deletes the selected folder. Any files stored in the folder are also 
If [Login Type] is set to [No Login Required], all the job flow sheets, including a local user 
created on the [Create Folder] screen or job flow sheets created on the [Send from Folder] 
screen, are deleted as well.
Important • Once files or job flow sheets are deleted, they cannot be restored.
Stored Programming
The Stored Programming feature enables you to register frequently used settings and record a 
series of operations.
For more information on operation, refer to "8 Stored Programming" > "Registering/Deleting/Renaming 
Stored Programs" in the User Guide.
Create Job Flow Sheet
Job flow is a feature to execute a series of registered actions. Up to 1000 job flow 
sheets can be created.
The target of a job flow is files stored in a folder. A job flow can be executed by using 
one of the following four methods:
by automatically starting a job flow when a file is stored in a folder
by selecting a file stored in a folder to manually execute the associated job flow 
by selecting a file stored in a folder to select a job flow and execute manually
by selecting a job flow sheet from [Create Job Flow Sheet] screen to manually 
execute (ApeosPort series models only)
To start a job flow automatically, you must link the job flow to a folder. When a file is 
stored in the folder, it is automatically processed in accordance with the job flow sheet 
• To link a folder with a job flow sheet created with [Create Job Flow Sheet], start from [Send 
from Folder] or [Create Folder]. For more information, refer to "6 Send from Folder" in the 
User Guide and "Create Folder" (P.255).
Features that can be registered are listed below.
Forward to (FTP, SMB, e-mail, fax, IP fax, and Internet fax)