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E mail Internet Fax Service Settings

E-mail/Internet Fax Service Settings
E-mail/Internet Fax Service Settings
In [E-mail/Internet Fax Service Settings], you can configure settings related to the e-
mail and the Internet Fax service.
• This feature does not appear for some models. An optional component is required. For more 
information, contact our Customer Support Center.
On the [Tools] screen, select [E-mail/Internet Fax Service Settings].
For the method of displaying the [Tools] screen, refer to "System Settings Procedure" (P.130).
Select an item to set or change.
E-mail Control
You can configure the settings for e-mail and Internet fax transmissions.
Maximum Address Entries
Set the maximum number of addresses that can be specified when sending an e-mail.
The number of addresses is the total number of To:/Cc:/Bcc:.
You can set the maximum number of addresses from 1 to 100. If the maximum number of 
addresses exceeds, the e-mail transmission is aborted.
Important • This option is not applicable to the Internet Fax service.
Incoming E-mail Print Options
When an e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the machine is received, you can select the 
print operation.
Print Attachment Only
Only prints the attached documents.
Attachment, Full Headers & Message
Prints the e-mail headers and body of e-mails.
When you select [Attachment, Full Headers & Message (with S/MIME Info)], S/MIME 
Information is also printed.
Attachment, Basic Headers & Message
Prints the part of headers (From/To/Subject/Date) and the contents of e-mails.
When you select [Do not print if no message], the machine prints only e-mail that has 
Print Error Notification E-mail
Select whether the error e-mail because of an incorrect address or transmission error should 
be automatically printed.
• The job for printing error e-mail is displayed as an error on the [Job Status] screen and a Job 
History Report even when the job has been complete successfully.
Response to Read Receipts
Set whether or not to respond when a read receipt (MDN) is requested.
Does not respond.
Automatically notifies the sender that the e-mail has been processed.