Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV C5580, ApeosPort-IV C6680, ApeosPort-IV C7780, DocuCentre-IV C5580, DocuCentre-IV C6680, DocuCentre-IV C7780 Administrator Guide


Common Service Settings
Watermark is the function to print text or background pattern on the whole page to 
inhibit the replication of documents.
You can configure Watermark settings such as date or text, background pattern, and 
watermark to embed.
Date Format
Set the format for printing dates. This setting is common to Annotation, Watermark, and 
Force Annotation.
Three date formats are available: YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, and DD/MM/YYYY.
Default Watermark Effect
Set the default type of text effect for Watermark.
A text effect is not applied.
When you re-copy a copied document with watermark, the text hidden in the background is 
printed as embossed text.
When you re-copy a copied document with watermark, the text hidden in the background is 
printed as white cutout.
Default Watermark
Set watermark text.
You can select text from [Copy Prohibited], [Copy], [Duplicate], and the strings assigned to 
Custom Watermark 1 to 3.
For more information about custom text, refer to "Custom Watermark 1 to 3" (P.166).
Font Size
Set the size of the text to be printed as the Watermark.
You can set the font size from 24 to 80 points in 1 point increments.
Background Pattern
Set the background pattern to embed the text for the Watermark effect.
You can select from eight patterns: [Wave], [Circle], [Stripe], [Chain], [Beam], [Rhombic], 
[Sunflower], and [Fan].
Font Color
Specify a hidden text color used for the Watermark feature.
You can select from [Black], [Magenta], and [Cyan].
• The hidden text color in fax transmission is black, regardless of the font color.
Select the text density of the Watermark.
You can select from [Lighten], [Normal], and [Darken].
Watermark/Background Contrast
Set a contrast level for text and background for the Watermark.
You can select a level from 1 to 9. Select a contrast level, referring to the printed samples by 
selecting [Print this Sample List].