Fuji Xerox Phaser 860 Network Setup Guide

Printer Management

Phaser 860 Color Printer
Printer Management 
Printer Management
Job Accounting
The printer stores information about jobs printed in a log file. The log file is stored either 
in the printer’s memory or on a hard disk, if one is connected to the printer. If the log file is 
stored in the printer’s memory, it is lost when the printer is reset; therefore, it is 
recommended that a hard disk be used for job accounting.
The log file is a list of job accounting records. Each record contains fields such as user 
name, job name, pages printed, job times, and ink used.   Not all fields are supported by all 
printers. For details, refer to the CentreWare DP or CentreWare IS online help.
The job accounting values reported vary depending on the protocol and print command 
used when each job was printed. For example, using NPRINT over NetWare provides the 
printer with the most information about the job being printed. When using Windows and 
NetWare, the job name is often LST: or LST:BANNER. Other jobs from other ports may 
provide even less information about the job.
Job accounting is available through CentreWare DP and CentreWare IS. See page 24.
Using CentreWare IS
Connect to the printer via CentreWare IS (see page 23).
On the right side of the main CentreWare IS page, click Jobs. 
The Job Accounting Links page has links that enable you to browse, download, and 
clear job accounting records.
For complete information on CentreWare IS job accounting, including clearing job 
information, downloading job information to a file, and job accounting file formats, see the 
CentreWare IS Help.