Fuji Xerox Phaser 860 Network Setup Guide

CentreWare Internet Services

Networking Setup Guide
CentreWare Internet Services
CentreWare Internet Services
CentreWare IS is a printer administration and support tool using World Wide Web 
technology. With CentreWare IS software, you can access printer status and manage your 
printer over a TCP/IP network using a web browser. 
CentreWare IS gives you the following capabilities:
Receive printer status and manage printers, independent of network servers and 
operating systems. 
Define a link to your local web server’s support page.
Access online manuals and technical support information by using built-in links to 
the Xerox web site.
CentreWare IS provides an easy-to-use, consistent interface that you can use for most of 
the configuration tasks described throughout this guide. 
CentreWare IS requires only a World Wide Web browser and a TCP/IP connection between 
the printer and the network. (TCP/IP and HTTP must be enabled in the printer.) 
For complete information on using CentreWare IS, see the CentreWare IS Online Help. 
Accessing the Printer From a Browser 
Once a TCP/IP connection to the printer has been established and the printer’s IP address 
is set, you can visit the printer’s Status page from your web browser by entering the 
printer’s URL (Uniform Resource Locator), just as you would to visit any web site. The 
printer’s URL is:
where printer’s-IP-address is the IP address or DNS name you set during TCP/IP 
Example using IP address:
Example using DNS name: http://Xerox_Marketing/