Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 User Guide


Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
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"Guidelines for Labels" on page 2-54
"Printing Labels" on page 2-54
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Guidelines for Labels
Do not use vinyl labels.
Do not use any labels on a sheet where items are missing; it may damage printer 
Store unused labels flat in their original packaging. Leave the product inside the original 
packaging until ready to use. Return any unused product to the original packaging and 
reseal it for protection.
Do not store labels in extremely dry or humid conditions or extremely hot or cold 
conditions. Storing them in extreme conditions may cause print quality problems or cause 
them to jam in the printer. 
Rotate stock frequently. Long periods of storage in extreme conditions can cause the labels 
to curl and jam the printer.
Print only on one side of the sheet of labels.
Printing Labels
If your application has a setting for labels, use it as a template. Labels can be printed from any 
Insert the labels into a tray:
Tray 1 (MPT)
Insert the label sheets long-edge feed (recommended) and facedown into 
Tray 1 (MPT). Place the top of the page toward the front of the printer.