Maintenance Safety, Operational Safety

Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
Maintenance Safety
Do not attempt any maintenance procedure that is not specifically described in the 
documentation supplied with your printer.
Do not use aerosol cleaners. The use of supplies that are not approved may cause poor 
performance and could create a hazardous condition.
Do not burn any consumables or routine maintenance items. For information on Xerox 
supplies recycling programs, go to
Operational Safety
Your printer and supplies were designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. These 
include safety agency examination, approval, and compliance with established environmental 
Your attention to the following safety guidelines helps to ensure the continued, safe operation 
of your printer.
Printer Location
Place the printer in a dust-free area within a temperature range of 41° F to 90° F (5° C to 
32° C) and a relative humidity range of 15 percent to 85 percent.
Printer Clearance
Place the printer in an area where there is adequate space for ventilation, operation, and 
servicing. The recommended minimal spacing is:
Overhead Clearance:
30 cm (12 in.) above the printer without the finisher/stacker
47 cm (18.5 in.) above the printer with the finisher/stacker
Total Height Requirements:
Printer: 74 cm (29 in.)
Add 29 cm (11.5 in.) for the 1000-sheet feeder
Other Clearances:
20 cm (8 in.) behind the printer
46 cm (18 in.) in front of the printer
50 cm (20 in.) on the left side of the printer
65 cm (26 in.) on the left side of the printer with 2000-sheet feeder
20 cm (8 in.) on the right side of the printer
99 cm (39 in.) on the right side of the printer with the finisher/stacker