User Safety

Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
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Your printer and the recommended supplies have been designed and tested to meet strict safety 
requirements. Attention to the following information will ensure the continued safe operation 
of your printer.
Electrical Safety
Use the power cord supplied with your printer.
Plug the power cord directly into a properly grounded electrical outlet. If you do not know 
if an outlet is grounded, ask an electrician to check the outlet.
Do not use a ground adapter plug to connect the printer to an electrical outlet that does not 
have a ground connection terminal.
Do not use an extension cord or power strip.
Avoid the potential of electrical shock by ensuring that the printer is properly grounded. 
Electrical products may be hazardous if misused.
Do not place the printer in an area where people might step on the power cord.
Do not place objects on the power cord.
Do not block the ventilation openings. These openings are provided to prevent overheating 
of the printer.
Do not drop paper clips or staples into the printer.
Do not push objects into slots or openings on the printer. Making contact with a voltage 
point or shorting out a part could result in fire or electrical shock.
If you notice unusual noises or odors:
Turn off the printer immediately
Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet 
Call an authorized service representative to correct the problem.
User Safety