Moving the Printer Within the Office, Preparing the Printer for Shipment

Moving and Repacking the Printer
Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
Moving the Printer Within the Office
The printer can be safely moved from one location within an office to another as long as it 
travels in an upright position, gently over smooth surfaces. Any jarring movement, such as 
pushing the printer over a raised door threshold or across a parking lot, can damage the printer.
Preparing the Printer for Shipment
Repack the printer using the original packing material and boxes or a Xerox repackaging kit. 
Additional instructions for repacking the printer are provided in the repackaging kit. If you do 
not have all the original packaging, or are unable to repackage the printer, contact your local 
Xerox service representative.
Failure to repackage the printer properly for shipment can result in damage to the printer. 
Damage to the printer caused by improper moving is not covered by the Xerox warranty, 
service agreement, or Total Satisfaction Guarantee. The Total Satisfaction Guarantee is 
available in the United States and Canada. Coverage may vary outside these areas; please 
contact your local representative for details.