Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 User Guide

NetWare 4 x NetWare 5 x and NetWare 6 x Print Server Setup, Novell NetWare Troubleshooting

Novell NetWare
Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
NetWare 4.x, NetWare 5.x, and NetWare 6.x Print Server Setup
The Phaser printer defaults enable connection to Novell NetWare without adjustment. Review 
the “Configuration Page” and verify the following settings:
NetWare is enabled
Frame Type matches the frame type of the desired file server
PDL is set to your desired PDL (PostScript or PCL) or to Auto. You may wish to set 
PDL to the desired type if only one PDL is used
Desired Novell mode is set to either NDS/BEM, NDS, or BEM (Bindery Emulation 
Print Server Name
Setting Up NetWare with CentreWare DP
The CentreWare DP software provides the quickest and easiest method for installing a printer 
on a network. For more information go to 
, and select your 
printer model to access the CentreWare DP User Guide or see CentreWare DP Online Help.
Advanced Setup in Bindery Mode for Novell Directory Services (NDS)
The Advanced Setup option of CentreWare DP provides an additional tool to control how your 
printers are configured on a Novell NetWare network environment. This tool is necessary for 
connecting a printer to more than one file server or queue.
Novell Distributed/Enterprise Print Services (NDPS/NEPS)
To access Xerox printers in this environment, Xerox Gateway software must be installed on a 
system. The latest version of the Xerox Gateway Software is available on the Xerox web site at 
. Instructions are available on the web site for installing a 
printer using NDPS. The web site also contains the Xerox NDPS User Guide.
Novell NetWare Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting for Windows-based computers includes both hardware and software solutions 
to eliminate cabling, communication, and connection problems associated with direct-
connected ports. Complete one of the following procedures (based on the type of port being 
used), then print a test page from your software application. If the test page prints, no further 
system troubleshooting is necessary. For print-quality problems, go to 
on the User Documentation CD-ROM.