Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 User Guide

Windows NT 4 x Troubleshooting TCP IP

Windows NT 4.x
Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
Enter a name for the printer, select whether you want that printer to be the default, then 
click OK.
Select one of these options:
If the printer is not shared, click Next. 
If the printer is shared, enter a Share Name, check the Share box, then click Next.
Printing a Test Page
You are prompted to print a test page.
Select one of these options:
Click Yes to print a test page, then click Next.
Click No if you do not want to print a test page, then click Next.
Select one of these options: 
Click the Finish button if the data presented is correct. Proceed to step 3.
Click the Back button to correct the data if incorrect, then click Finish when the data 
is correct. Proceed to Step 3.
If you printed a test page, you are prompted to confirm that the test page printed:
Click Yes if the test page printed successfully.
Click No if the test page did not print or printed incorrectly. Proceed to step 4.
Note the print-quality of the print job. If print-quality problems exist or if the job does not 
print, go to 
 on the User Documentation CD-ROM.
Windows NT 4.x Troubleshooting (TCP/IP)
This troubleshooting section assumes you have completed the following tasks:
Loaded a Phaser printer PCL or PostScript printer driver.
Printed and kept a current copy of the “Configuration Page”. For information about 
printing a “Configuration Page”, go to 
Reference/Features/Front Panel 
on the User 
Documentation CD-ROM.
Verifying Settings
Verify the settings in the “Configuration Page.”
IP Address Source is set to: DHCP, Front Panel, BOOTP, or Auto IP (depending 
on your network configuration).
Current IP Address is set correctly. (Note this address if it is assigned by Auto IP, 
Subnet Mask is set correctly (if used).
Default Gateway is set correctly (if used).
LPR is enabled. Verify that the LPR and AppSocket settings are set as desired.
Interpreters: Auto, PCL, or PostScript (depending on your driver).
Verify that the client is logged into the network and printing to the correct print queue. The 
user should also have access to the Phaser print queue.