Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 User Guide

Printer Management Software

Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
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Printer Management Software
This topic includes:
"Using CentreWare Software" on page 3-9
"Using Printer Management Features" on page 3-11
Using CentreWare Software
CentreWare Internet Services (IS)
CentreWare IS provides a simple interface that allows you to manage, configure, and monitor 
networked printers from your desktop using an embedded web server. CentreWare IS gives 
administrators easy access to printer status, configuration, and diagnostic functions. It also 
provides users with access to printer status and special printing functions such as printing 
saved jobs. With CentreWare IS software, you can access and manage your printers over a 
TCP/IP network using a web browser. 
CentreWare IS enables you to:
Check supplies status from your desktop, saving a trip to the printer. Access job 
accounting records to allocate printing costs and plan supplies purchases.
Define a network printer search and view a list of printers using Printer Neighborhood. 
The list provides current status information and allows you to manage printers 
independent of network servers and operating systems. 
Configure printers from your desktop. CentreWare IS makes it easy to copy settings from 
one printer to another. 
Set up and use a simple web browser based printing system. Marketing collateral, sales 
materials, business forms, or other standardized, frequently used documents can be saved 
as a group with their original driver settings then reprinted on demand at high speed from 
any user's browser. A printer with a hard drive is required to support these functions. In 
some printer models, a DX configuration is required to support these functions.
Troubleshoot print-quality problems using built-in diagnostics. 
Define a link to your local web server’s support page.
Access online manuals and technical support information located on the Xerox web site.
CentreWare IS requires a web browser and a TCP/IP connection between the printer and 
the network (in Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX environments). TCP/IP and HTTP must be 
enabled in the printer. JavaScript is required to access the pages in Printer Neighborhood. 
If JavaScript is disabled, a warning message appears and the pages do not function 
For complete information about CentreWare IS, click the Help button in CentreWare IS to go 
to the CentreWare IS Online Help.