Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 User Guide

Supplies and Recycling

Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
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Supplies and Recycling
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The printer’s front panel displays status messages and warnings as each supply nears its 
replacement time. When the front panel prompts you that a supply is low or needs to be 
replaced, verify that you have replacements on hand. It is important to order these supplies 
when the messages first appear to avoid interruptions to your printing.
To order supplies, contact your local reseller or visit the Xerox web site at 
Use of non-Xerox supplies is not recommended. The Xerox Warranty, Service 
Agreements, and Total Satisfaction Guarantee do not cover damage, malfunction, or 
degradation of performance caused by use of non-Xerox supplies, or the use of Xerox 
supplies not specified for this printer. The Total Satisfaction Guarantee is available in the 
United States and Canada. Coverage may vary outside these areas; please contact your 
local representative for details.
Consumables for the Phaser 5500 printer are a toner cartridge and a staple pack.
Videos are available with instructions for changing the toner cartridge and for 
adding staples. Videos are located on the User Documentation CD-ROM and at