Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 User Guide

Printing Cover Pages

Advanced Options
Phaser® 5500 Laser Printer
Printing Cover Pages
A cover page is the first or last page of a document. The printer enables you to choose a 
different paper source for the cover page than for the body of a document. For instance, use 
your company letterhead for the first page of a document, or use card stock for the first and last 
pages of a report.
Use any applicable paper tray as the source for printing cover pages.
Verify that the cover page is the same size as the paper used for the rest of your document. 
If you specify a different size in the driver than the tray you select as a cover pages source, 
your cover(s) print on the same paper as the rest of your document.
You have several choices for cover pages:
None - Prints the first and last pages of your document from the same tray as the rest of 
your document.
First - Prints the first page on paper from the specified tray. 
First and Last - Prints the first and last pages on paper from the specified tray.
For the back of your front cover to remain blank when 2-sided printing, page two of your 
document must be blank. For the back cover of your document to remain blank, see the 
following table for inserting blank pages. 
To select cover pages in a supported driver:
Windows 98, Windows Me PostScript driver: 
On the Output Options tab for Cover Pages, select First or First and Last Pages, then 
select the tray to use for the covers from the Source drop-down list. 
Cover Page
Print Option
Pages Printed on Cover
1-sided printing
Page 1
2-sided printing
Pages 1 and 2
1-sided printing
Last page
2-sided printing
(odd-numbered pages)
Last page 
2-sided printing 
(even-numbered pages)
Last two pages 
Print Option
Last Page of Text
Blank Pages
1-sided printing
Add one blank page at the end of the 
2-sided printing
Add two blank pages at the end of the 
Add one blank page at the end of the