Finding more information, Selecting a location

Finding more information
You can find information for setting up and using your from the following 
resources, either printed or onscreen.
Quick Install 
Provides information on setting up your printer 
and, therefore, be sure to follow the 
instructions in the guide to get the printer 
Online User’s 
Provides you with step-by-step instructions for 
using your printer’s full features, and contains 
information for maintaining your printer, 
troubleshooting, and installing accessories.
This user’s guide also contains the Software 
Section providing you with information on how 
to print documents with your printer on various 
operating systems, and how to use the 
supplied software utilities.
You can access the user’s guides in 
other languages from the Manual 
folder on the printer driver CD.
Printer Driver 
Provides you with help information on printer 
driver properties and instructions for setting up 
the properties for printing. To access a printer 
driver help screen, click Help from the printer 
properties dialog box.
Xerox website
If you have Internet access, you can get help, 
support, printer drivers, manuals, and order 
information from the Xerox website,
Workcentre 3428
Selecting a location
Select a level, stable place with adequate space for air circulation. Allow 
extra space for opening covers and trays. 
The area should be well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight or 
sources of heat, cold, and humidity. Do not set the printer close to the 
edge of your desk or table.
Clearance space
Front: 500 mm (enough space 
so that trays can be opened or 
Back: 350 mm (enough space 
to allow opening of the rear 
cover or the duplex unit)
Right: 100 mm (enough space 
for ventilation)
Left: 100 mm (enough space 
to allow opening of the control 
board cover)