Congratulations on the purchase of your printer! 
This chapter includes:
Special features
Printer overview
Finding more information
Special features
Your new printer is equipped with several special features that improve 
the print quality. You can:
Print with excellent quality and high speed
•  You can print up to 1200 x 1200 dpi effective 
output. See the Software Section.
•  Your printer prints A4-sized paper at up to 28 ppm
and letter-sized paper at up to 30 ppm.For duplex 
printing, your printer prints A4-sized paper at up to 
19 ipm
 and letter-sized paper at up to 21 ipm.
a. pages per minute
b. images per minute
Handle paper flexibly
•  The multi-purpose tray supports letterheads, 
envelopes, labels, transparencies, custom-sized 
materials, postcards, and heavy paper. The multi-
purpose tray holds up to 50 sheets of plain paper.
•  The 250-sheet tray 1 and 250-sheet optional tray 2 
support plain paper in various sizes.
•  Two output tray; select either the output tray (face-
down) or the rear cover (face-up) for the most 
convenient access.
•  Straight-through paper path capability from the 
multi-purpose tray to the rear cover.
Create professional documents
•  Print Watermarks. You can customize your 
documents with words, such as “Confidential.” See 
the Software Section.
•  Print Booklets. This feature enables you to easily 
print a document to create a book. Once printed, all 
you have to do is fold and staple the pages. See the 
Software Section.
•  Print Posters. The text and pictures of each page of 
your document are magnified and printed across 
the sheet of paper and can then be taped together 
to form a poster. See the Software Section.
Save time and money
•  This printer allows you to use toner save mode to 
save toner. See page 2.7.
•  You can print on both sides of the paper to save 
paper (Double-sided printing).
•  You can print multiple pages on a single sheet of 
paper to save paper (2-Up printing). See the 
Software Section.
•  You can use preprinted forms and letterhead with 
plain paper. See the Software Section.
•  This printer automatically conserves electricity 
by substantially reducing power consumption 
when not in use.
Expand the printer capacity
•  The Phaser 3428/D has 32 MB of memory which 
can be expanded to 288 MB. The Phaser 3428/DN 
has 64 MB of memory which can be expanded to 
320 MB. See page 10.1.
•  A Network interface enables network printing.
•  You can add a 250-sheet optional tray 2 to your 
printer. This tray lets you add paper to the printer 
less often.
•  A PostScript 3 Emulation* (PS) enables PS 
printing (Phaser 3428/DN only).
* Zoran IPS Emulation compatible with PostScript 3
•  © Copyright 1995-2005, Zoran Corporation. 
   All rights reserved. Zoran, the Zoran logo, 
   IPS/PS3 and OneImage are trademarks of 
   Zoran Corporation.
* 136 PS3 fonts
•  Contains UFST and MicroType from 
Monotype Imaging Inc.
Print in various environments
•  You can print in Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003.
•  Your printer is compatible with Macintosh (Phaser 3428/DN only).
•  Your printer comes with both Parallel and USB interfaces. 
•  You can also use a network interface. The Phaser 3428/DN come 
with a built-in network interface, 10/100 Base TX.