The supplied filter reduces many of the contaminants that

can negatively affect the flavor of the coffee. Although

the Coffee Maker will function normally without it, use of 

the filter is highly recommended.

1 The filter assembly consists of a Water Filter Holder,

and an active carbon filter cartridge. Prior to inserting

the cartridge into the holder, place the carbon filter

cartridge into a container of clean cool water, and let 

soak. After 10 minutes, remove the cartridge from the 

container and thoroughly rinse under running tap water 

for 10 to 15 seconds. This will remove any carbon 

dust particles that could make their way into your first

brew. This step is only necessary for new carbon filters.

Repeat this procedure each time you replace the filter.

 It is recommended that the carbon filter be replaced

after each 60 brew cycles. A reminder on the LCD panel 

will alert you once you have reached the 60th brew 

cycle. To clear the reminder, simply press and hold the 

Set button until the alert disappears.

2 To install the filter, place the carbon cartridge into the

Water Filter Holder cage, and snap the cage closed, 

locking the cartridge into the holder.

3 Lower the Water Filter Holder, filter end first, down into

the bottom of the water reservoir and insert the holder 

into the pocket located at the bottom of the reservoir.

4 Plug the Coffee Maker into a grounded outlet. You 

should hear a short alert tone. Fill the reservoir with 

clean, cool water. Do not exceed 12 cups of water, as 

the overflow slots in the back of the reservoir will cause

the excess water to run out the back of the unit and on 

to the counter top.

  If you are using a container other than the carafe to 

fill the reservoir, use the water level indicator window

on the right side of the Coffee Maker to measure the 

desired amount of water.

5 Place the Filter Basket into position and lower the 

Permanent Gold-Tone filter into the basket - Do not

add coffee at this time! Place the empty carafe onto 

the warming plate and press the On-Off button once 

to start the brewing process. Allow the Coffee Maker 

to cycle with water-only for the first use. The unit will

sound three alert tones once the brewing process has 

completed. Discard the water from the break-in cycle.


Repeat these steps each time you replace the carbon 

filter element.