Satety precautions, Safety precautions

Satety precautions


Safety precautions

This appliance must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC 
technician in accordance with all applicable codes. All electrical 
connections should be performed by a licensed electrician.
Manufacturer's warranty will be voided with failure to comply. 

Incorrect Handling cound result in Serious Injury or Death!

1. Do not attempt to install the split air 

conditioner by yourself.

2. This air conditioner contains no 

user-serviceable parts. Always call 
an authorized Electrolux servicer 
for repairs.

3. When moving the air conditioner, 

always call an authorized Frigidaire 
servicer for disconnection and re-

4. Do not insert fingers or place 

objects into the discharge area in 
the front of the indoor unit.

5. Do not insert fingers or place 

objects into the discharge area in 
the front of the outdoor unit.

6. Do not start or stop the air 

conditioner by turning off the power 
at the electrical box.

7. In the event of a malfunction (sparks, 

burning smell, etc.) immediately 
power off unit and call an 
authorized Frigidaire servicer.

8. Do not operate the air conditioner 

with wet hands.

9. Do not drink any water or 

condensation that is drained from 
the air conditioner.

10.Provide occasional ventilation 

during use. Do not direct airflow 
at fire places or other heat related 
sources as this could cause flare 
ups or make units run excessively.

11. Do not climb on or place objects 

on the outdoor unit.

12. Do not hang objects off the indoor 


13. Do not place objects containing 

water on the indoor and/or 
outdoor units.

14. Turn off the air conditioner at the 

power source when it will not be 
used for an extended period of 

15. Periodically check the condition of 

the outdoor unit’s installation base 
for any damage.

16. Do not apply heavy pressure to 

the coil fins of the indoor and/or 
outdoor units.

17. Operate the indoor unit with air 

filters in place.

18. Do not block or cover the intake 

grille, discharge area and outlet 

19. Ensure that any electrical/

electronic equipment is 36” away 
from the indoor unit and outdoor 

20. Do not use or store flammable 

gases near the indoor and/or 
outdoor units.